Can You Afford 2013?

For the past couple of months I’ve had this fear of 2013. Not because of something bad, but because of many somethings good – TOO GOOD. Next year is going to be filled with the releases of amazing games, some being back to back. Your spending habits will reflect the eating habits of a bulimic, you will be forced to live in that grey area of your mind that decides what is free-time and what is not, your thumbs will have sores and your hands will cramp, and you will NOT get enough sleep. Don’t believe me? Just scroll down.

And of course…

All scheduled to release next year.

Keep in mind that these are just SOME of the PlayStation games I picked out to show. I did not include any DS, WiiU, nor DLC only games. Plus, as we all know, many games have been revealed but have not had any official (US) release date announcements; think Yakuza 4, Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Dragon Age 3. And don’t we get a new Call of Duty every November?  Point is, next year is going to be rough on gamer wallets, so be prepared by saving up and ready yourself for disappointment.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry, the worlds in in December anyway :) lol but in all seriousness, you are right, there is some good stuff coming out next year. Thats not to mention that after E3 2013 we may have to start saving for the next generation of consoles! Either way, next year will be great for games, not so good for gamers bank managers!

    • Exactly! So many games come out the same year they are announced, so who really knows just how much we’re going to have to spend next year. And we just have to expect the $500-$600 console announcement. Then there’re people like me that buy the collector’s editions… I need another job. lol

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